Nikita Ben Ami

Nikita Ben Ami

Israeli artist - jeweler, sculptor and painter.

Nikita grew up in an atmosphere of art, surrounded by creative people and the road to the world of art, cinema, music was simply destined for her.

Having come to Israel for the first time on tour as a singer, Nikita instantly realized that this was her home. In 1999 she graduated from the Academy of Arts with a degree in jewelry making.

Nikita is known for her unique technique, unique style, as well as the ability to hear and see the client, his character, his story, his desires and choose completely unique combinations of materials and shapes.

Each piece of her jewelry is a small sculpture. And the whole world.

Nikita's works are now in private collections around the world, filmed for films and television, shown at exhibitions and auction houses.

In 2016, she expanded her field of art to sculpture, creating bespoke works - works imbued with emotion, faith in people and dreams of the harmony of the world.

In the past few years, in addition to jewelry and sculptures, Nikita has started painting in a mixed and unique technique. Her paintings express a great passion, and it seems that what has not found expression in jewelry or sculptures has found its place in painting: unconventional, mysterious and familiar images, fantastic cities, illusions of imagination and space, freedom and love. Her paintings are mesmerizing and healing, beautifying and full of presence.

“At first I took the brushes in my hands, but almost immediately put them aside, and took the paint itself in my hands. And most likely the duet has developed separately from my consciousness. Very often I cannot even remember the process of painting, or, in my case, it would be more correct to say - pouring out pictures. They surprise me as well as others. Over time, I realized how best to see them. It is not advisable to concentrate on them and maybe not even look for familiar symbols, but allow the consciousness to enter them. And then consciousness begins to see something that does not exist at first glance. That is, they most likely include in our brain some other connections of perception that were not used up to this point. "

To see, to observe the process of Nikita's creation of her paintings is in itself, as if to touch the secrets of the universe. This is an amazing action, bewitching and captivating you. As if you are present at the creation of a new universe. And each of her paintings has a completely unique feature - she changes with you. And it seems that every time you see a new level, a new perspective of this picture. And every time you find yourself in yourself.

“I draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the world, from a spider frozen in resin a century ago, from a meteor that fell in Siberia, from sparkling snow, from a flowing waterfall ... I try to embody all this beauty in my works. Jewelry is often inspired by the history of the people for whom it was created. And my greatest source of happiness and inspiration is love.

The paintings are painted with passion and full dedication, everything that distinguishes Nikita in the creation of sculptures and jewelry is reflected in her paintings. Unusual, mysterious and recognizable images, fantastic cities, mirages, space and a fiery horse, blood and flesh, the spirit of freedom and, of course, Love. Nikita's paintings fascinate and heal, decorate and color any interior and can become an invaluable gift for loved ones and friends.

Nikita's jewelry, sculptures and paintings are, first of all, works of art and a unique and original gift, invaluable for family and friends.


Israel: “black and white” (Raanana)

“Unique style” (Tel Aviv)

Luxembourg Art Price 2019, 2021(certificate of excellence)

“Bustan” Herzliya. Israel

“Way of Thorns” Tel Aviv. Israel

“Art & About”. Israel

He is the owner of his own Art Gallery “Happy Place” located in the village of Kadima in Israel.

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