Evgenia Savchenko and Ksenia Romy

Art Gallery   Art Gallery Every Day today is an active platform for realizing your creative plans and projects. You can find an amazing way on your own here. The gallery holds new exhibitions every two weeks. Once, having met the artist, we begin to promote on the Internet, post paintings by the authors in various markets and online galleries. The artist gets a unique opportunity to participate in all kinds of creative competitions. This makes it possible to expand the horizons of understanding their artistic significance. So the author of canvases can continue to create, surprise us with more and more new works, and we provide an opportunity for connoisseurs from many countries of the world to learn about new creations, participate in online events, and also purchase another masterpiece for their collection. All the wildest dreams can be realized. To do this, you only need to take the first step towards your dream.

The goals and objectives of our Gallery to help artists compose their creative portfolios, register for participation in various online exhibitions and festivals, compose a creative biography, as well as organize creative promotion in social networks, help with organizing sales for both young people and venerable artists.
  For the Gallery, 2020 was very diverse and eventful, full of important and long-awaited events. For three years we went to the creation of the Gallery, held events, helped artists with the sale of paintings and creative activities. We planned to open a permanent site back in March 2020, but the pandemic has made its own adjustments.
Over the past period, 12 exhibitions have already been held.
An important achievement was the entry of our artists to the international level, many works pass qualifying rounds for participation in auctions and trade markets. This became possible thanks to the work of art critics who conduct a preliminary assessment of the quality of the works offered.

The works of the Gallery's artists were recognized as the best in several nominations of the Golden Time competition. Our artists are already being invited to participate in international art festivals as   not only artists, but also experts.

Live news feed on Instagram can tell eloquently about the activities of our gallery.
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