Kirill Spiridonov

BREAKDANCE dancer and choreographer director
Multiple winner of Russian, European and World Breaking Championships.
One of the founders of the team "Svoi Lyudi" Yaroslavl-Kostroma
The judge of the third category is FCSAAR.
Co-founder and director of the Sports and Dance Center "100%"

TV projects:
- Finalist of "Minutes of Glory" Channel One 2010-2011
- Participant of the project "Dance" the first channel 2015
- Participant of the project "All Dance-8" Ukraine 2015
- Participant of the project "Russian Ninja" Channel One 2018

Film work:
Feature film "Yaroslav" 2009 episodic role.
The series "Life and Fate" 2011-stuntman.
The series "Under the gun" 2012 - episodic role.
TV series "DSB" (Security Department) NTV, episode + stunt performer, 2013
The series "Second Chance" episode 2013
TV series "Pointing 2" actor-stuntman 2014
The series "Under the gun" 2014 - a serial role.
The series "Shelest" NTV 2015 actor-stuntman.
The series "Specialist" NTV 2017 stuntman
The series "Shelest-2" NTV 2017 actor-stuntman.
The series "Death to Spies" 2018 - stuntman.
The series "Reserved special forces" NTV 2019 serial role.
The series "Alien Flock" NTV 2019 - stuntman.
The series "LE.GEN.DA" TNT 2020 - stuntman.

Participant of concerts and events of the Russian and World level.
- Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai)
- Participant of the show of the closing of the Paralympic Games Sochi 2014 (Sochi)
- Participant and invited guest "High five" Russian record 2017 (Yaroslavl)
- Participant of the show concert of the stunt theater (Qatar)
Social networks:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krealspiridonov
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kreal_spiridonov?igshid=m39bjd6zvwfv