Luis Eduardo Vega

Musician and teacher, composer
A versatile musician and composer. Specializes in academic symphonic music, popular music, Colombian traditional music and classical and Indian folk music.

  • Member of Columbia Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • Played in the percussion ensemble of the National University "Contempo"
  • Participated in the National Workshop on Marimba (National Symphony Music Association and National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia)
  • Participation in the "Percussion and Marimba Scene" where he played with one of the best percussionists in the world - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic (organizer - The Corporation for the Promotion of Music and the EAFIT University)
  • Percussionist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Philadelphia (Columbia), percussion director (La Roca Ong Association)
  • Percussionist Metropolitan Symphony Band of Bogota
  • Student Research Project Professor: Spectral Music Composers, Acoustic Instruments Database (National University of Columbia)
  • Laureate of III degree in the International Competition for Young Composers named after S. S. Prokofiev
  • Laureate of II degree in the international competition Golden Time Talent, United Kingdom
  • Teacher of symphonic percussion, drum, music theory and pedagogy
  • Conductor of the percussion ensemble
  • Lecturer, Artist of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Symphonic Percussion Teacher (Music Institute Santa Maria de Leyva)

Extensive experience in the production of recordings of sound samples of various timbres, produced by 8 acoustic and instruments: 4 types of clarinets from all registers, violin, viola, cello and double bass; analysis of approximately 1000 sound samples and creation of a database of spectral analysis of these recordings.
Experience in providing professional services for the formation of percussion ensembles and pedagogical support in the Carmelo Brass Orchestra of the Santa Mariide Leyva Music Institute.
In 2019, the Carmelo Brass Orchestra won first place in the XXVI National Brass Orchestra Competition - Anapoima 2019, adult category.

Social media:
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/luis.e.vega1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luisic.vega/