Huhtala-Labzounov Aleksandra

Opera singer, vocal teacher, director and artistic director of the vocal and theater studio Khukhtala-Labzunova Alexandra
General Director of the World Music Art Festival - ALPPIRUUSU SUOMI 2020
- Master of Music (opera singer) at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki;
- Bachelor of Music Education (vocals) at the University of Applied Sciences of Central Ostrobothnia in Kokkola;
- graduated from the theater school in St. Petersburg;
Teaches professional singing lessons for children, youth and adults from classical singing to pop jazz. Develops singing skills and techniques for those who have previously attended singing lessons.
Alexandra is a member of the Finnish Association of Singing Teachers (FINATS) Chorus Inside International Association / Finnish Branch of WAPA World Association for the Performing Arts / Finnish Branch International ART-PLANET Competition / Member of the expert jury Paris, International Vocal Competition of the Teatro Dejaze "Vive La France"
- 2018 Malta, International Singing Competition "Arpeggio", Gala Concert, laureate of the III degree prize;
- 2018 Italy Rome International Singing Competition Viva Italia 2018 1st place;
- 2018 Finnish Helsinki Festival Winner of the "Salute of Talents" prize, II degree;
- 2017 St. Petersburg SUPER FINAL Winner of the Prize of the II degree;
- 2017 Tallinn Estonian International Festival "Golde Tallents" 1st place;
- 2017 Art_Europe Competition, Helsinki I place;
- 2017: VII International competition "Scandinavian discoveries" I place;
- 2016: International Competition Croatia ROVIHJ Winner I place / Performance in Venice in the Church of San Maggiore;
- 2015: Italian choir Inside International Summer Festival CHIETI Winner I place;
- 2014: Budapest Chorus Inside International Winner 1st place and Special award Kanyshay Kalilova;
- 2013: Roman Choir in the International II place;
- 2012: V International Rachmaninoff Competition. Diploma for artistic and musical performance. Chapel of St. Petersburg, Russia;
- 2010: IV International Chopin Competition. Diploma and Special Award for Best Artist. St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Russia;
- 2009: Workshop with Suzanne Eken, Anne Margret Dahl and Kristen Stubbe Teglbjörg in Trondheim, Norway;
- Master class with Wilma Vernokki, Sibelius Academy, Finland;
- 2008: Master class by Stefano Algieri, Sibelius Academy Concert Hall, Finland;
- 2008: XXVI Kangasniemi Vocal Competition, Kangasniemi, Finland;
- 2007: Master class with Umberto Finazzi, Sibelius Academy Ackte Hall; Finland Master class with Walter Moore, Sibelius Academy, Finland;
- Master class with Walter Moore, Sibelius Academy, Finland;
- 2003: Nordic IV Pentti Koskimies Lied Competition, Kokkola, Finland;
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008994097033
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/alhuhtal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/labzounov
Site: http://melodyluxart.com/yheystiedot/