Daniel Jusid

Fifth grade at the School of the Arts and at a Gifted School in Ashkelon.Since 2016 Daniel has been studying piano with teacher Tamara Yusman. First Place in Classical Music Solo:Piano Forum Online Competition 2020, London, United Kingdom.International Competition "Nouvelles Etoiles", June 2020, Paris, France.International Competition "Gold Europe - Stars", June 2020, Prague, Czech Republic.International Music Competition "FLORIDA KEYS" April 2020, Miami, USA. 10th International Music Competition, May 2019, Belgrade, Serbia.Scherzo Competition, March 2020, Tel Aviv, Israel.Second Place in Classical Music Solo: 21st Century Talents Keyboard Competition Summer 2021, Ottawa, Canada.International Competition "The Keys of Gold", June 2021, Tzora, Israel. Scherzo Competition, March 2020, Tel Aviv, Israel.Third Place in the Contemporary Composers and the Elena Cobb Award. International Piano Competition for Young Pianists "2018 Carmel Klavier", Indianapolis, USA. Daniel play at the 2018 Elena Cobb Star Price Festival in the Albert Hall in London.10th National Competition "Piano Forever"' Ashdod 2018, Israel. Encouragement Award in Classical Music Solo.
Связаться Конкурсная работа

Сезон: 25 Season

Место: 1st place

Страна: Israel

Возраст: from 11 to 14 years old

Город: Ashkelon