Ulka Mak

2000 - 2018 - Digital designer illustrator, cartoonist. Work in advertising area. Award winner in PR. Awarded game character designer artist..Since December 2014 to present time - Member of Union of Designers of Ukraine..2018 - present time - Digital cartoon animator-artist. Curator personal projects, collaboration with other artists. .2019 - create virtual reality artworks, mixed art styles. .Since December 2020 to present time - Member of AIGA (The professional association for design), New York..2021, April - NFT creator. Verified in 5 cryptocurrency marketplaces. Digital animations, non-fungible token artworks. Verified artist at SAATCHI Art Gallery
Связаться Конкурсная работа

Сезон: 26 Season

Место: 2nd place

Страна: Ukraine

Возраст: from 31 to 50 years old

Город: Mykolaiv