Anna Limonova

About Anna LimonovaAnna is an artist from Russia. She was born and raised in the Urals. Since childhood, she loved to draw, studied at an art school, carried out creative projects at a secondary school. Anna is a psychologist by education. At the University, she paid special attention to Art Therapy, conducted trainings, thus helping people to live through problem situations and alleviate their emotional state. Anna also worked in the field of advertising sales, where she participated in the design of advertising layouts and slogans for advertising campaigns of clients. Thus, artistic creativity accompanied her entire life, however, she decided to become an artist and actively develop in this direction only by the age of 35, and now she devotes all her time to writing paintings in the style of pop art and expressive abstractionism. In her work, Anna transfers her positive energy to people, life optimism, so that, looking at her vivid expressive paintings, they feel that life is beautiful and filled with the happiness of being. The uniqueness of the works lies in their childlike spontaneity, multicolor, texture, fabulousness.
Связаться Конкурсная работа

Сезон: 26 Season

Место: 2nd place

Страна: Russia

Возраст: from 31 to 50 years old

Город: Perm