Halyna Mur

ExhibitionsExhibitions:12 October 2012 - 64th regional exhibition «Fine and decorative art» (Ukraine);December 2012 - «Christmas miracle» (Ukraine);July 2013 - «T.G. Shevchenko in folk art» (Ukraine);2014-2016 – City art exhibitions «HobbyFEST» (Ukraine);23 March 2016 – online competition «7 sins» (Russia).9 February 2018 « Vernisazh». Select «Animals and people» (Russia).23.01.-11.02.2021 (Ukraine)The painting "Girl with the Horse" is the winner. inIII All-Ukrainian art competition. "On the wings of a dream." Took 1st place!05.02.-25.03.2021 (United Kingdom)The painting "Girl with the Horse" is the winner. in "Golden Time" art competition. Season 20 Took 1st place!21.05.2021-31.05.2021 (Milan, Italy) PHÌLO-POÈM exhibition in M.A.D.S. ART Gallery.14.06-14.10.2021 Online Exhibition ' River of Dreams' by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.2.07-11.07.2021 (U.S.A. New York City) Exhibition "Finding Water" in Van Der Plas Gallery.
Связаться Конкурсная работа


Место: 1st place

Страна: Ukraine

Возраст: from 31 to 50 years old

Город: Vinnytsya