Stefanie Petrova Nikolova Lady Galaxy

These are all my Contest Awards - 2020: http://Awards.LGrec.comOnly on Golden Time TalentExcept The Grand Prix - "Will to love" - Author's song - has5 first places with Covers:1 place POP - you broke me first:,, place Rock - This is Halloween: 1 plac POP - Ne ti li stiga (BG) : place Physical:,, plac POP - Who is Laughing Now: four 2 palaces2 place POP vocal - Heather - place POP vocal - Into the unknown - place POP vocal - Shallow - place JAZZ vocal - Puttin on the ritz - one 3 place3 place POP vocal - Kings&Queens - are no other prizes left in this category.JAZZ-----I am Stefanie Nikolova - Lady Galaxy from Bulgaria and I am 12 years old. I like to sing, voice act, dance, and draw.I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and I want to participate in your competition, casting, or in producing music and movies that you are organizing.I have been training ballet since I was 3 years old. I have been singing since late 2018.I compose my own music and I already have several original songs that can be listened to on Spotify:Spotify - I work with many programs in the class of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition., Crescendo, FLStudio, Kinemaster I compose my own chords on my digital piano.I have over 350 videos with covers and original songs on my YouTube channel.All My Contest Awards - 2020: http://Awards.LGrec.com1. Artist name: Lady Galaxy1.1 Name: Stefanie Petrova Nikolova 2. Country: Bulgaria 3. City: Sofia4. Born: 20.05.2009 5. 12 years old 6. E-MAIL: 7. Mobile: +359 887 77 00 118. Name of teacher: Michelle Pineda and Michaela Marinova1. "Love For A Playboy - the desert of desires" - Author's songGenre: Jazz-Pop - Will to Love - Lady Galaxy author's songGenre: POP - - you broke me first:,, - This is Halloween: JAZZ - Puttin' on the Ritz:, - Christmas Without You: - Physical:, - Heather:, - Loyal, Brave & True: - Who is Laughing Now: - drivers license - - Levitating: - songs -
Связаться Конкурсная работа


Место: Grand Prix

Страна: Bulgaria

Возраст: from 11 to 14 years old

Город: Sofia