Honored Artist of Uzbekistan on what steps are important to take to move to the big stage.


Milena Madmusaeva - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, a jury member of the international Golden Time Talent competition, and in the past our participant and winner of many international competitions shared with the editors of our blog what steps are important to take in order to move up to the big stage.

First of all, I would like to introduce you closer to this talented artist.

Milena was born on 26.09.1988 in Navai, Uzbekistan.
From an early age she was interested in music. That's why the parents of the young artist took her to a music school, piano class. After completing the 9th grade, the future People's Artist enters the Fergana College of Arts in the Department of Academic Singing. In 2007 she entered Tashkent State Conservatory. Since that period, Milena began an active career, participating in many competitions and festivals, where she worthily represented her country abroad, for example in France, Spain and Italy.
After graduating from the Conservatory, in 2011, Milena goes to work in the Estrada Association "Uzbeknavo". During this period, she takes part in state concerts dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Constitution, the National Holiday Navruz. Since 2015 Milena starts her way as a pop singer. She created one of her first works together with the poet and composer Yakzon called "Yig'lab kulib", for which a video clip was shot.
After that, she released her second composition titled "Voz kecholmayman", the words and music of which belong to the well-known Nargiz.

Your voice is your instrument

Milena Madmusaeva from her early childhood dreamed of becoming a famous singer, listening to Sarah Brightman, Maria Callas and Monserrat Caballe, the young artist was inspired to start her career.
The singer believes that if a person wants something very much, there are no restrictions in front of him. To realize your potential is important primarily the desire and not being afraid of work. Your voice is first of all a living instrument. You must not forget about it and it is important to observe the harmony of rest and work in order to preserve your talent.

If a person decides to participate in the contest - he is already a winner!

Milena considers participation in competitions to be one of the main ways to promote her talent. As banal as it may sound, the most important thing in competitions is not winning, but participation itself, because after participating in each festival a person grows, feels stimulated to develop and changes, first of all, psychologically.

If a vocalist has already decided to participate and show his talent in a contest - it speaks volumes.

It's easy to sit at home and criticize yourself and those around you! But it takes courage to develop, to go out and show yourself to an audience. Milena is convinced that if a person decides to participate in the contest, he or she is already a winner! An important criterion in promoting oneself is to demonstrate one's talent to the public, because no one knows exactly where a vocalist can be noticed.
Milena gave examples of her colleagues Najmiddin Mavlyanov (soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater, the Royal Covent Garden Theater, etc.) and Barno Ismatullayev (soloist of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater named after Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko), who can boast not only victories in competitions, but also failures. It was the "failures" that brought them tickets to the big stage, because through participation in competitions they were noticed and winning in this case was not so important anymore.

Why did you choose to participate in the GOLDEN TIME TALENT?

Milena Madmusayeva also shared her impressions of her participation in the Golden Time international competition. The singer deservedly received Gran Prix
of the competition and subsequently became an honorary member of the jury. Milena found out about the competition on the recommendation of her father. Due to quarantine restrictions, stages in person were not available and the choice fell on remote online competitions. After reading the reviews in detail, the vocalist decided to participate. The singer shared with the editorial staff what pluses could be derived from the lockdown - first of all, quarantine gave valuable time to expand her repertoire, as the schedule became free, and there was a great opportunity to learn new arias.

Milena's plans now include the presentation of a new album. At the moment she has signed a contract in America and a new music video has been released.

The whole team of the Golden Time international competition is fans of Milena Madmusaeva, we wish her success, prosperity and we are looking forward to her assessments and comments from the singer!

We thank Milena for her trust and are happy to have her as a member of the jury.